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Optimise patterns of connectivity of current and future teams and networks

U>P is a cloud-based platform that helps companies manage change and complexity


High Performance

High-performance is regarded as a group or team focused on a shared goal characterised by supportive processes and mutual trust that will enable team member to surmount any barriers in achieving the team's goals.

By using U>P you can build trust in your companies networks to facilitate workflow to achieve shared goals.


Change Management

Facing a change in management or need to introduce new tech?

Collecting data on the patterns of relationships in your organisation can provide valuable strategic insight on team dynamics. U>P helps ensure key connections across the organisation are aligned for long-term success.


Social Impact

U>P delivers insights into hard to measure KPIs & SDGs, tracking how your interventions are delivering impact.

Now you can use U>P’s analytics to see what’s happening, where it’s happening and WHY. Gain insights into engagement, trust & wellbeing to prove and improve social impact.

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Powerful Analytics Platform

Powerful analytical tools providing real time, dynamic insights into how your company's networks operate and where there are high levels of trust. Align goals and objectives for multiple actions and initiatives, obtain insights for them and your entire enterprise.

U>P Features

Project Management Framework

Align goals and objectives for multiple projects, providing insights for them and the entire enterprise.

Individual Assessments

Online assessments, providing transparent data gathering for actively inclusive management.

Social Capital Compass®

Record evidence of progress and measure against U>P’s six key indicators.

Network Analysis

Track patterns of connectivity to identify routes to high performance.

Dynamic Dashboard

Monitor and share progress instantly. Easily find and filter relevant information.


Create reports instantly for individuals, teams, departments, branches or whole organisations.

“For the first time we’re able to use an evaluation framework that recognised and measured the things that are important to us.”

Tressa Burke
CEO Glasgow Disability Alliance

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