FAQs – About U>P Service and Licence Packages

What is a licence? What does a licence cover?

A licence covers the usage of the U>P online platform including both of the evaluation tools, the Social Network Analysis and the Social capital Compass™ as well as the online reporting tool.

There are additional support services available. Check out our website for more information.

What is included in the 30-day free trial?

The 30 day free trial provides access to the core functions of the evaluation tools, the Social Network Analysis and the Social Capital Compass™ with some functionalities being limited for 30 days. The 30 day trial account allows for one project to be evaluated including five beneficiary interviews. At the end of the trial period only the main account (not the beneficiaries) can continue to access the account and view the data but no additional data can be added.

After the trial has finished, it is possible to keep accessing the data. You can only continue adding information by purchasing a licence. It is also possible to evaluate multiple projects by purchasing a program or master licence.

Can I buy a licence only?

Yes, the licence can be bought without any additional support or training services included. For first-time users we however recommend taking the standard support package and to gradually reduce the amount of support over the next three years to maximise the gain from using U>P as an evaluation tool.

For how long does one licence cover the use of U>P?

A licence covers 12 month of using U>P actively. Once the licence has run out, access to the account will still be possible, however, no further information can be added and the licence needs to be renewed.

Why may I need support? What does the suupport include?

If you are unfamiliar with U>P we recommend a standard support package which includes

  • off-site support,
  • introductory as well as follow-up meetings,
  • basic reporting support, and
  • basic training on social capital and using U>P.

This allows you to familiarise yourself with U>P in a supportive environment and whilst also helping you to maximise the use of the tools. As you become more familiar with the platform we recommend that the support be reduced over time as you become more familiar with social capital and how it can be used to maximise your impact.

If required we will be able to also provide continued support depending. We also offer bespoke support packages depending your requirements.

Please note that if you have already purchased a training package, the level of support can differ depending on the support package you have purchased. The exact details will be included in your contract.

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