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Skills Development

Training (e.g. Graduate Development) improves skills in individuals, but it has a hidden broader impact on the org collectively. U>P can report on this collective impact to optimise talent acquisition and retention efforts.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity in the workplace increases productivity & revenue by up to 35%. U>P gives you a lens to analyse & explore your connections, making your company’s diversity visible, allowing you to optimise its performance benefits.


Engagement and a sense of trust & wellbeing leads to a 20+% increase in productivity, while reducing workplace accidents by up to 40% and attracting and retaining top talent.


The Global Impact Investment Network agree that CSR is increasingly to attract and retain customers. U>P helps demonstrate the lasting social benefit of building values-based relationships in your community.

Sustainable Development

Are your SDG's efforts effective? Are you contributing to sustainable economic growth? U>P helps you reliably demonstrate your company’s effectiveness, allowing you to quantify your SDG's impact. (more info below)

Civil Society Orgs

Charities, social enterprises and NGOs find it hard to report on ‘soft outcomes’. U>P provides a robust way to measure, prove and report to funders, leading to increased investment.


Engagement in the workplace is closely connected to wellbeing and having shared understanding, reciprocity and trust. If you increase these important factors, it goes hand-in-hand that you will also increase wellbeing within the groups. The benefits of engagement in the workplace include;

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Less days off work
  • Increased Commitment
  • Easier to attract and retain talent


The benefits of diversity are well-documented. Another useful measure of social capital is to look at whether specific groups are well-represented. If your organisation’s aim is to maintain women within the talent group, one strategy might be to look at reciprocity and how to help women feel more supported in the workplace. You could also use the U>P platform to demonstrate the diversity of your ‘bridging’ or linking’ to external stakeholders, be it regionally or nationally to demonstrate your organization's ability to reach certain groups.

  • Diversity improves outcomes
  • Lowers tendency of silo working
  • Increases focus on inclusion
  • Supports creativity & innovation

Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change

Is your organisation taking a long term strategic approach to business? Do you need help to integrate sustainability thinking into organisation culture?

U>P’s results inform business decisions, promote and embed positive culture and demonstrate the change and impact your organisation is having both on its workforce and as a part of the global movement towards a sustainable future for all.

Senscot Blog: Putting the benefits of SEN membership into numbers

Measuring social impact: for many, an imperfect science – often viewed as a task akin to alchemy. Getting it right, however, could be the key to unlocking vital funding and investment for small but effective, hitherto unheralded community and social enterprises across the country.

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